Livin’ La Viva Loca

Vacation Day One: to quote 7b…it’s awesome! It was a beautiful day and one of my arms got sunburned from the drive down here but other than that things are spectacular.

I have guilt about leaving the dogs behind but I know they are in great care. Still I know my Willow and she’s got some anxieties that are bad. Today as I was about to leave she went over to the chair I usually sit in and pee’d right there at the foot. After I cleaned up the mess I turned to her and said…message received. Dang dog!



  1. Thanks D…I knew you guys would. I was just nervous that Willow would be bad and peeing all over the place. She’s like that sometimes.

    Oh and I kind of miss them…yep even Mickie, lol 🙂

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