Sleepless in Pennslyvania

Dear Sleepless,

What for you so sleepless? I think I need a body transplant. I’m sure I need a body transplant. I’ve been laying in bed since 10 pm wondering why in the world I’m just laying there. I fell asleep for about and hour but that was it. I have a feeling I’ll be very cranky tomorrow at work…so in advance…sorry Ultraman! My mid section feels like I’ve been crushed under a car…yep good times.

So I’m reading some news online and wondering why Matt Drudge decided this was an interesting story.

It’s a story about 26 cheerleaders trapped in an elevator for 25 mins. It seems these girls thought maximum overload was the way to go. And the quote of the piece “Take the sign seriously,” Ms. Weldon said. “There are signs everywhere: No more than 15 people or 3,000 pounds.” Ah, there’s the future of our country right there people.

Look at me all cynical at 4 in the morning, lol. 😉 Okay, I’m going to hit the sheets again and see what happens. Who knows I might actually fall asleep or maybe I can try count dancing marshmallow leprechauns…oh please sheep were like so last Tuesday 🙂


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