The Dark Knight

4B said go see this movie and I resisted.  I’m not into the violence in movies this summer.  I’m more comedy/romance/musical this year.  I had intended to see Kit Kittridge but decided at the last minute to see The Dark Knight instead.  Okay…4B was right!  This was an incredible movie that used the violence in it as an important plot device.  It wasn’t just about the violence.  This movie was about incredible characters.  The cast is amazing but the writing on this picture and the directing/editing was smack dead on.

Let me say this, I had my doubts about Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes (last played by Katie Holmes) but she was incredible.  There was one scene where she stands out above all her scenes and those of you who saw this movie know which one I’m talking about.

I see Oscars all over the place for this film.  The first to be awarded should be posthumously to Heath Ledger.  His death was sad but it filled me with a greater sadness that such talent is over forever.  He gave the Joker something so sorely lacking in Jack Nicholson’s portrayal and that is absolute apathy.  Heath’s performance was astounding in this regard.  When one sees a bad guy on TV or in the movies or even on the nightly news we know that they are that way for a reason.  But Heath’s portrayal of The Joker brought us to the scary realization while watching, what if the bad buy just didn’t need a reason for carnage?  I was riveted watching Heath.

It makes me wonder if sinking into this character brought him to reckless abandon?  The world will never know.  Heath’s gone but this film exists as a testament to his enormous talent.  His truest legacy will always be his daughter but in the world of celluloid The Dark Knight will go down as a classic someday.

Don’t be turned off by the violence in this film.  If you really like movies see this film you won’t be disappointed.


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