Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Today was a nice day. I didn’t sleep at all last night so I thought today would be an exercise in grouchiness but luckily it was the opposite. 4 and 4B were going to the movies today to see Mamma Mia and asked if I would like to join them. Um…hello…Mamma Mia…you so know I’m in for that. Who knows maybe one day I’ll go see another movie other than Mamma Mia this summer, lol. 4B said that Dark Knight was good but I’m not sold on the title Dark…Knight. It’s the word dark that just doesn’t do it for me. We went to lunch afterward at Redstone’s which just opened near the Movie Theater. It’s a nice place and the food was as 7B would say…Awesome!

We didn’t get those massive thunderstorms that the weather dudes were blasting on about. Dudes a billion dollars in satellite equipment and I’m still resorting to looking out the window for my weather…not cool. And does one go to college to become a meteorologist? I would think having a degree in 18th century Woodblock Art is also enough of a degree to be a guy who is rarely right. I’m just saying is all…



  1. Well, theoretically, yes, one does get a degree in meteorology to be a meteorologist, but often the weather-person on the news does not have such a degree. In fact, one rather well-known TV weatherman from the Chicago area was a pilot.

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