Island of Misfit Toys

Last night, or more precisely, this morning I was up at 2am worrying about my project from Friday. The day was a blur and I was completely out of sorts. Insomnia is just a by product of anxiety and oh way too much drinking.

This morning I decided what I needed a boost so I went to see Mamma Mia again. What a feel good movie! Two thumbs up! I’d give it three thumbs but alas I only have two.

The day got crappy when my desktop computer crashed and burned. Most of my important files were safely backed up but some were lost. Sssh! That’s a bunch of bollix but what’s a person to do. I’m going on vacay in a couple of weeks so I won’t be getting a new desktop until then. I should have known that my teeth dream was an omen of some impending doom.

How is it this woman is so hot at 63? Now I know what I want for Christmas this year 🙂


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