Under The Tuscan Sun

…Or any where but here. I’m under some stress that wasn’t supposed to be and there is nothing I can do about it. This stress has brought on a bought of fatigue that is completely out of control and I wish it would go away. Dag this sucks.

Anyway a wake up and 8 hours later my fun weekend will begin. I can’t wait. It’s Mamma Mia weekend! I’m going to see it with 4 and possibly 4B. I’m so stoked and that of course makes me a major geek but that’s okay because Geekdom is a great place to visit!!! I say visit but seriously…I’ve been living there since 1989. And I say 1989 because before that I wasn’t really aware of my geekocity.

2 called me today but work was busy and I didn’t get to talk to him very long. Even his 20 second phone calls are a riot. It went like this…

Me: Bra can I call you back?
2: That’s okay I just had to ask if you saw Victor (Newman, The Young and the Restless) yesterday…VICTOR IS THE MAN!
ME: That he is!
2: Okay talk to you later.

I have to say it…I do have the coolest family. We are all weird and quirky but when the important stuff happens we’re all there. When the not so important stuff happens we’re all there…and we’ve brought a case of beer, lol. I’m a lucky Hobbit!


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