A Sunshiney Day

Yesterday when I woke up it was dark in my bedroom, silly me thought it was just overcast outside.  That of course, was until I pulled back the curtain to reveal it was indeed raining.  I’m a fan of rain and not a fan of drought.  I’m crazy that way.  But with rain sometimes brings pain.  Yesterday I felt like I had a broken arm or Elbow to be specific.  Having had broken an elbow I’m familiar with that kind of pain.  It happened a long time ago but I haven’t been in the hot tub since then…I’m not coordinated enough for that kind of activity, as I found out.

Well happily enough today I woke up like Snow White on a cleaning jag.  All happy go lucky and feeling groovy.  A difference a day makes.  The sun was shining bright…the humidity is low and times are good.  Then I turned on the news and all that doom and gloom got to be a downer so I did what can only be done to bring up my spirits at a time like that…I put on JAG instead and life was better.

I’m not really a JAGhead, but I find this show a nice distraction in the morning.  I used to watch Biography in the morning but I think it is official…I’ve seen them all.

What does all this mean really…well let me tell you…it means that my life is so dull right now that watching JAG was the most interesting thing to happen to me.  Oh yeah…I AM A WILD PERSON!!!


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