A Rose By Any Other Name…Is Just Plain Stupid

I was reading about Nicole Kidman’s giving birth to a daughter named Sunday who of course was born on a Monday. It made me think about all the other really bizarre names that Celebrities moniker their offspring with. Granted some of the weird names are actually hand-me-downs from a grandparent or someone else in the family. An Example is Richard Gere’s son Homer who is named after his father or Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi Trixabelle who is named after an aunt. But what about some of these weird names…

  • Kal-el Coppola – Nicholas Cage’s Son
  • Banjo Patrick – Rachel Griffiths’ Son
  • Alcamy – Actor Lance Hendrickson’s Daughter
  • Free – Barbara Hershey’s Son
  • Moxie CrimeFighter – Penn Gillette’s Daughter
  • Reignbeau & Freedom – Ving Rhames’ daughter and son
  • Rocket Valentin (son), Racer Maximilliano (son), Rebel Antonio (son), Rogue (son), Rhiannon (daughter) – Robert Rodriguez
  • Audio Science – Shannyn Sossamon’s Son
  • Gaia Romilly – Emma Thompson’s Daughter
  • Pilot Inspektor – Jason Lee’s Son
  • Kyd – David Duchovny’s Son
  • Memphis Eve – Bono’s Daughter
  • Ocean – Forest Whitaker’s Daughter
  • Tu – Rob Morrow’s Daughter – This wouldn’t be too bad if her name put together wasn’t Tu Morrow!
  • Jermajesty – Jermaine Jackson – I think this is a boy’s name but I’m not sure.

Remember when the name Dakota was a crazy name or Kyle was off beat? Now the names are just completely insane. I have a cousin who’s parents live in Quebec and they named him Soleil…you know after the sun. Well poor Soleil got picked on his entire life for his name. When Soleil turned 18 he legally changed his name to Andrew.

Like I said before if it’s a family name at least there is a real reason to hang a moniker on your child that will surely get them picked on in school but if it’s not that’s just plain CRUEL! As my friend S said when choosing a name for his son and given outlandish suggestions he said “Why not just name my child Please Kick My Ass”. There you have it…the voice of sanity!


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