Musings on a Thursday Morning

Yesterday I received a nice surprise when 5 called me at work. I hadn’t spoken to 5 for about six months. It’s kind of very 21st century for us because she’s got the Mr. 5 and all the 5-ettes going on emailing is just easier. So although we haven’t spoken in a while we have been in commuincato. She’s enjoying the summer and she was telling me about all the kids from the old neighborhood (now adults) that she keeps running into in her part of the globe. Talk about small world. The world really is small. My small world story is when I ran into a girl who was in my BFF T’s wedding party. She’d moved to New Mexico and I hadn’t seen her since the wedding 4 years before. Where did I see her? Well it was on the ferry coming back from Martha’s Vineyard. Now that’s a small world, lol 🙂

For some reason I’m exhausted this morning. I was tired yesterday too. Not feeling to comfortable I took a nap when I got home from work and slept until about 7pm. I got up ate dinner spent some time with Willow and Mickie and then about 9 went back to bed and watched some tv. I went to sleep at 11. This morning I felt like a person waking from a coma. I’m just tired…and ouchie…but right now mostly just tired.

Ultraman is on special assignment the rest of the week so I guess I’m on my own. Maybe I’ll run with scissors and eat sugar all day?


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