If Not Now Then When?

I was reading comments to an article about Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and his support of drilling. The comment said basically, and I’m paraphrasing, We should start drilling now, while we continue to conserve and search for cleaner/renewable alternate fuels and not spend another 30 years talking about it. I completely agree.

The approval rating for Congress this week is 9%. It is the lowest rating in the history of congress which means that Americans feel Congress is completely out of touch with the needs of the country. I’m one of those folks.

Back in the 70’s we were delivered a wake-up call concerning our energy needs and supplies and what did the great folks of the US Congress do…nothing. After the crisis was over Americans went about their merry ways and the Me-Generation during the 1980’s. We had our chance to develop many avenues to our energy problems instead we let ourselves down and as much as Congress let us down.

Exploration can be done with limited destruction to the environment. We know where there are fossils fuels to tap into right this moment and can do so in a responsible manner. The naysayers go on about the costs of research or the cost of extracting the oil, coal or natural gas. I say so what, we are already paying huge at the pumps now and it’s only going up anyway. Being proactive is better for the Country, It’s Economy and in some parts the world.

The time of doing nothing is over. America needs to get off its collective butt and stand up and be counted. Through conservation (changes in our everyday lives) and harvesting our own resources for our own use will not only help us but the world. We should also start building new refineries now so that in 10 years we will be where we SHOULD HAVE BEEN 20 years ago and not where we are right now…between a rock and a hard place!

Gosh I love a good Diatribe early in the day 🙂


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