What’s With today, today?

I’m confused is it “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”?  Is it “Evolution” or “Revolution”?  I totally get that the globe is becoming over populated and that we pollute the air we breath and the water we drink and are then shocked by the cancers that ravage our bodies but still isn’t this just Evolution?  Remember in the olden times when the world was green and filled with really big lizards called Dinosaurs?  Well I do…well sort of…I was drunk at the time but my point is there were no factories or evolved people yet and you know what they say happened…A meteor smashed into the planet changing our climate and killing off a lot of the nature of the day.

I offer this boys and girls.  In our made dash to save the planet isn’t the real truth that we are really trying to save ourselves from what is destined to be anyway.  Could this all just be the latest piece in the Evolutionary scale?  Okay…or maybe not.

Me I’m not so worried about the future…you know why…yep because the future will take care of it’s self.  And NOOOOO I’m not on prozac!


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