Last Wishes

I was reading about Leona Helmsley’s wishes to leave $12 million dollars to her dog Trouble in lieu of bequeathing monies to her grandchildren.  The Grandchildren took their grandmother’s will to court and had it over turned.  Trouble’s take was reduced to $2 million for his care.  And the balance was given to her grandchildren.

I want to put in my two cents here.  What is the point of making a Will that would be your last wishes to your loved ones or favorite charities if a court is going to say that you had your say but now that you are dead and can’t fight the system we are going to say to hell with your final wishes.

Leona Helmsley was by all account a cranky and mean old lady.  She was know for her devotion to her husband Harry and her dog Trouble. Trouble was also by all accounts as nasty as his owner.  Of her $2 to $8 Billion Dollar fortune $12 million is nothing.  What I find interesting is that the judge that reduced Trouble’s gift from his owner to $2 million and then gave money to people specifically excluded from her final bequeath.  I’m sure there is a reason other than the fact that Leona was a nasty woman.  Did her grandchildren bother with her?  Probably not so who is the judge to decided how she bequeathed her wealth.

She is said to have also left millions of dollars to various animal charities.  I’ve seen comments that it’s disgusting that with all of the poverty and world issues that her money is being spent on animals…or more to the point dogs.  I agree that some of this money could be of use for many organizations helping people but it’s not for us to judge Mrs. Helmsley for leaving HER money to whomever she wished.

I’m sure her family members received trust funds sometime in their lives.  I’d bet that they all have money of their own…maybe from Harry.  It just begs the question…how much money does a person need?

Maybe if you read this you will say I’m cracked in the head.  Maybe I am but I think that the injustice paid to Mrs. Helmsley’s last wishes is wrong.  What’s the point of leaving a final will and testament if a judge could just say…I think it would better if x should be done and not y which was opposite of the descendant’s final request.


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