Lost In Translation

Being a dyslexic is annoying some times. Like when I was explaining something to Ultra Man (the coolest code name ever!). I say it and he says no that’s not it. I explain it again and he says nope…that’s still not it. Each time in my mind I see how to actually do it but when I explain how I’m doing it it comes out backward. Strike that Reverse it.

Do you want a Fedx #…good luck because it will have all the right numbers in it but not necessarily in the correct order. It’s just crazy annoying. Forget about directions…Left, Right…you might as well just say over there or second star and straight on till morning. Yeah…good times. Maybe if I was Jewish I’d have a fighting chance…they read right to left! Since I’m not all I can offer is an Oy-Vay!

Excuse me while I work on that lobotomy or just watch TV…same thing! :)~

p.s.  Happy Canada Day, eh!


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