Jersey Tomatoes Rule

This weekend was all over the place.  First I started out great on Saturday.  A little breakfast where I ran into some of my old neighbors and close friends of Macie’s.  It was so much fun catching up.

I got a quick call to help out 4-in-law when his car’s battery died.  We got it all squared away and I hung out over at 4’s house for a bit.  It was there I felt that familiar feeling.  The dreaded flare.  When I got home I had trouble walking because of the pain.  My BFF T’s Pop had his yearly shindig and I wanted to stop in to say thanks for the invite.  By the time I left there it was all about the Vicodin baby!  I was doing so well avoiding pain meds but you know…sometimes it’s needed.  All day today I’ve been battling my body while trying to get things done (Bathroom and Kitchen are spotless, thank you very much!)  Even with my injection today it’s been up hill.  But you know what it’s all doable.  So many folks have it worse than me so as long as I can do the do I’m going to cringe with the pain and I will whistle my way through it all.  Okay that made no sense…I blame the meds, lol.

I went to the farm today in search of the awesome New Jersey Tomatoes!  I’m a tomato freak and since the big Tomato Scare of 2008 it’s been slim pickens for quality.  Until now.  The Jersey’s are out and as tasty as ever!

I watched some movies this weekend…read most of “Catcher In The Rye” and vegged.  All-in-all not too bad.

On other groovy news…it’s a short work week this week.  How awesome is it when a holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday…um…wicked awesome!!!!


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