Haunting Melody

Right now outside my office window on the road beside the building I work the Road Crew is jackhammering away at the street. Man is it annoying 😦

Where sunless rivers weep

Their waves into the deep,

She sleeps a charmed sleep. ~ Christina Rossetti

I had another dream. My dreams lately have encompassed 3 people. You, Scrappy and a nameless person I’ve never met. Or maybe I have and that’s why he’s in the dream. It’s weird but there you have it. Weird Dreams on a Friday morning.

Tonight…Laundry. Gosh I’m getting goose bumps. Maybe I’ll get drunk and make it really interesting, lol.


2 responses

  1. Who were you dreaming of? Who are you writing to, when you write to someone on your blog?

  2. Hey Jim…Someone who means the world to me but like many things timing is everything but in this case it’s the greatest obstacle.

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