Are You Alright? Did You Hit Your Head?

I love movies.  Some movies more than others (Antitrust and the Thin Man Series) and some I rather loath (see horror section at Blockbuster).  Tonight with nothing on the boob tube to watch I stood before my vast collection of DVD’s looking for the right film to watch.  Back to the Future or The Hours?  Hmmm…maybe The Devil Wears Prada…maybe not.  Why do I not have Talladega Nights in my DVD Library?  That movie was a riot.

What did I decide on…Well that would be Dodgeball of course!  Sometimes the humor needs to be idiotic.

I know my time would be better served by reading a book but I didn’t have that mojo.  So I’m reading my favorite blogs and watching Dodgeball.  Okay you can say it…my life is lame.  Hey it happens to the best of us 🙂

Jim over at Diary of a Network Geek had the funniest video on his blog today.  I loved it and now I want a Nerf arsenal of my very own!

p.s. The title is from Back to the Future.


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