Pimps is Such an Ugly Word

I love words, sentences and sometimes I’m all about loving paragraphs. When I read, if something strikes me as Wow Factor 10, I’ll highlighted with my yellow highlighter. This is so later when I’m looking for that one passage or line it stands out for me. I sometimes put these lines or passages on my website’s quote forum. I find that in movies, the lines are funny and fun so I put them on the website too.

Then there could be just one line in a poem makes the poem worth while. “Though lovers be lost, love shall not, death hath no dominion” or “For sweetest things turn sourst by their deeds lily’s that fester smell far worse than weeds”. Pretty deep stuff from my men Dylan Thomas and Willie Shakespeare.

Even my favorite soap has some classically great lines. Kendall once uttered…”It’s about time I became the hero of my own life”. I love this line because I think sometimes I feel the same way about my life. I feel like everyday I’m quoting a quote, if that makes any sense. But it’s just so fun to use other peoples words when I haven’t any of my own.

On a totally unrelated subject….Tonight the Daytime Emmys are on at 8PM on ABC. I’m not has into it this year because it’s all about Y & the R. I feel that the nominating committee was sniffing their markers as they were creating the nominating list. My one grand hope is that One Life to Live takes top prize this year. Fingers cross ya’ll! As Willie once wrote…“Unto the breach once more, dear friends” !!!


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