Last Day of Hot?

Today our illustrious weather dudes are calling for 100 degree weather.  This my friends wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the extreme humidity.  Yuck is all I can say.  The goof squad is saying that after some nasty thunderstorms tonight we should see closer to normal temps coming up in the forecast. Yeah…I hope!

I miss the kids who used to live above me.  They would blast their air conditioners all the time and since cold air sinks I would benefit from their need to be frosty.  Not so much of that happening with Mr. Man who’s moved into their flat.  What can I say I got spoiled, 🙂

So hung out with DG and S last night.  Well mostly DG…the man was glued to a computer.  She’s a reading machine these days which of course is a stellar thing.  We just pretty much hung out and kept cool.  I should have brought my book and then we could have been a reading force to be reckoned with…or something like that, lol.

Tonight dinner with 4 and hopefully a cool down.


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