Iron Man

I went to the movies today to see Iron Man.  I was thinking of seeing the new Adam Sandler Film but opted for Iron Man instead.  It was a good action movie and I enjoyed it.  It didn’t light my fire but I’m very hard to please when it comes to movies.

It’s few and far between when I say to myself, self, that was a great movie.  I tend to like the less violent, chick flickish kinds of movies.  Mostly because life is violent enough why would I pay $12 to be more depressed and icked out by the violence.  With movies costing $8 for Matinee and $12 for Evening shows I hadn’t been to a movie since, well I can’t remember the last time, so that gives you an indication of how long it’s been.  Last year I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see any of that crap that was hailed at the Academy Awards.  It’s almost like the testosterone level went full hilt.  Like men are the only people who go to the movies? Please cut me a break.  I think Sex in the City smashed that myth!

This year though there are a lot of films to see.  Narnia, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart and the list goes on.  It’s almost like the viagra wore off in Hollywood!

It was another scorcher today.  It top out at about 96 Degrees.  I was supposed to attend an event in town but with multiple events going on today the route to town was hot and congested.  With Kelly Drive shut down for the Bike Race it would leave basically The Schuylkill as the best way to get to town.  There’s another way into town but I’d rather not in this heat attempt it.

With the “feel like” temps in town being over 100 degrees it just wasn’t worth the pain and suffering.  Plus my body’s been in battle since last night and I figure why make things even worse.  I decided going to the movies was a much better choice.  I was correct in my hypothesis, lol.

The heat is supposed to lighten it’s grip by mid week.  This is a good thing because I’m just not digging this early summer stuff!


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