Movie Day

Today went so fast but I did get to squeeze in the new “Sex In The City” movie. It was a nice movie.  Romance and humor mixed with a little flair of yesterday.  The weather dudes actually got the forcast correct for today with the humid and rain showers so it was a perfect Movie Day.

I went to the 10:30am showing and I was shocked how crowded it was which is amazing for what has been billed as the ultimate “Chick Flick”.  I would definitely recommend this movie 🙂

The trailers gave promise for the summer crop of films.  I was doubly shocked to see a bunch of films I’d actually go to the theater to see.  The last couple of years have been lame.  There were probably 4 decent movies out last year.  Don’t even get me started on the Oscar choices.  Carnage does not a great movie make!

The new Mummy film comes out this summer with Jet Li as the Mummy.  Diane Lane and Richard Gere have a sweet romance coming out as well.  Another promising contender is “Swing Vote” with Kevin Costner.  It’s got a great concept.  The Presidential election comes down to the vote of one man and he’s an immature loser who’s guided by his very mature daughter.  Stanley Tucci also stars in this film and I just love, love, love him.  And last but not least I want to see “Hancock”.  It’s premise is Hancock (Will Smith) is a lazy super hero.  Some of these are fresh ideas and some are a fresh look at an old idea.


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