The media in their misguided attempts at news have decided that creating panic is a reasonable by-product of news.  They search out the gas station publishing the highest cost of gasoline that day and then report that is what gas costs.  Not true in my part of the globe.  Gas here $3.89 at the pump I normally go too.  Gas will rise because of whims of those in control and for me to panic about it is not warranted.  The media outlets think creating mass hysteria is good,  apparently mass hysteria generates more bad news.

Why am I not freaking beyond freak with a dooms day attitude you ask?  Because we suffered far worse economic issues back in 1979.  We had to wait in line for gas and it was the equivalent of what we are paying now.  Sure  I was a kid  back then and the stress belonged to my Mother who basically dealt and moved on wearing her stress underneath her outward appearance because that’s what she did to get by.

Back then interest rates were 17% and yet somehow people still were buying homes, feeding their children and surviving.  We are Americans and although we hate to be inconvenienced we will adjust to these changes as we always do.  Sure we’ll complain a lot and be grouchy but things will eventually level out.

Our leaders must ask themselves this questions.  What if tomorrow there was no more oil to be pumped out of the ground?  What if we had used the last of our stock piles?  What is the governments contingency plan to using oil to fuel our infrastructures?  If they don’t have one this would be the wake up call that embracing Oil Companies and their lobbyists is a bad thing.  They have a finite resource and we have become enslaved to it.

I’m tired of hearing the excuses of why oil is so expensive.  It’s expensive because we depend on it and this holds us all hostage.  When will our leaders in America actually do the action in their title and LEAD?  Until this happens we will all be living in fear of what might be, what could be instead of saying this is what WILL be.

Ahhh…there’s nothing better than a diatribe in the morning before the caffeine hits the system 🙂


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