DWTS the Finale

Last night D and I set ourselves up to watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars.  I’m pretty sure our hootin’ and hollerin’ was more fun than the actual show. 🙂  D broke out the foam fingers and we were totally girl power for Kristi.  I’m not sure if D really likes the show or she’s just showing solidarity for my sake but it was a lot of fun.

I’m really hoping that Kristi and Mark take home the trophy for two reasons.  Mark’s a good teacher that got robbed last year and Kristi is clearly the best dancer.  Not to mention that it’s time for a woman to win the competition.  I couldn’t believe Helio won last year.  He was so not the best dancer.  He danced with an exceptional partner/teacher in Julianne but he wasn’t the best in my opinion.

Personally I feel Cristian should have dropped out of the competition because in the finale he just couldn’t compete with the flare that’s required.  This is probably the only thing the judges and I agreed on all season.  So we wait for the fans to have their say and tonight all will be revealed.


And thanks D for not thinking I’m a total spaz! 😉


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