Melon In The Woods

This weekend went by in a flash. But not to fear my fine feathered friends next weekend is a long weekend 🙂

D&S came over to hang last night. I really enjoy our time together. We hang out together on Mondays which is cool but the sleepovers are better. We veg…eat crappy takeout food and hang. It’s not all anarchy at my place though. I’ve got some very important rules that they know by heart.

  1. No soda in the entertainment system/computer area. (This came about during the unfortunate soda incident of 2000.)
  2. No running with scissors. (…or pens or anything sharp. It’s just makes sense, ya know!)
  3. No one gets to hit anyone but me. (Since I’m a pacifist…no worries here.)
  4. No eating boogers. (D&S added this one. Again it just make sense.)

D and I were talking in the car about abstract art while we waited for S to be dropped off at school and came up with a title for a piece of abstract art. When we got home D set to paper and created a work of art for the title. I now present you with “Melon In The Woods“.

Shaner did his own art piece that I called “Dog On Floor“. It’s a picture of my end table and willow laying on the floor. Take special notice to the Rita’s water ice cup on the table. We had it for desert 🙂 The kid has an eye for detail! Like I said it was a good weekend.

The weather was so icky today that we stayed in most of the day making webcam videos. Shaner was doing back flips that were amazing. Yes…I’m TOTALLY jealous! D did this experiment where she put two glasses outside. One in the open to catch the rain water from the sky and one under the balcony that caught rain fall off of the building. Very cool. Yesterday was the beautiful weather day though. Not to warm and very sunny. I sat outside and read. N-I-C-E!!!


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  1. yes, the soda incident. the story is unforgetible. your “friend” spilled soda on your well, whole entertainment center. than you spent 2 hours cleaning the whole thing with a q-tip. not a fun two hours.:(

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