Damn The Man! Save the Empire!!!

One of the blogs I read had a post about how one of her friend’s site sk-rt.com (now Kirtsy.com) was in the midst of a hostile take over.  It seems Skirt Magazine has decided that anything resembling the word skirt should be their domain regardless if it’s already being occupied.  People this is just wrong.  It’s wrong when the government wants to take your house to lay a road.  It’s wrong with a pharmaceutical company in collusion with a town can take your home because they want to build their factory right where your house is and this bullying of these women using legal means is just WRONG!!!

These Power Gals beat the man and went out and got a new name instead of miring themselves in BS with those litigious bastards. So spread the word they’ve moved, got a cool hip new name Kirtsy.com and are far smarter than a bunch of men hocking womens things.  Also spread the word that Skirt Mag is trash and thus will be regarded with nothing but bitter disdain by the very demographics they seek for their mag.  Yep they are idiots!


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