Rainy, Windy Days and Mondays

OMG!  It’s totally Dorothy Gale type of wind out there today.  If my hair wasn’t so short it would be a bad hair day!!!

Why, oh why, do the weekends go so quickly?  Yesterday was a wash for me because of an incredibly disastrous flare.  I’m supposing it was in wait of todays unfortunate weather.   To quote Macie…”This is the craziest ailment”.  I couldn’t walk without aid of a cane, yet today I’m sore but cane free.  Go figure! Despite the crappy pain in my legs, hips and back I vacuumed and dusted.  Yeah!

Saturday was the fun day.  Feeling good and hanging out with my cousins.  Scooter’s sister the Good Doctor threw a going away party for him.  Although I was pretty much two decades and A HALF older than the average attendee it was a lot of fun.  A nice group who were both eclectic and groovy at the same time.  It’s funny because I knew some of this group when they were kids and I was in my 20’s.  Now we were hanging out talking about grown up stuff having vodka tonics and beer.  It’s almost mind blowing.  Almost…not totally 🙂  I’m really kicking myself for not remembering to take my camera.  Duh!

Saturday night I watched the worst movie.  Stardust was a huge disappointment.  I bought it back around Christmas time because I thought for sure this would be my kind of film.  I was totally wrong.  It had an incredible cast but the story was…how shall I say…stupid!  Boo hiss!  I also watched “the Holiday” that I got around that same time.  This film wasn’t as bad.  I’m a huge Kate Winslet fan.  And not just because she’s tall and cute but because she’s a fantastic actress.  Like my books, I have a stack of DVD’s that I bought that I haven’t watched yet and I’m trying to catch up.  But when I just do not want to invest myself I put in either the “Bourne Ultimatum” or “Antitrust”.  Next up though I think it’s going to be “Chuck and Larry”.


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