The Puzzelment of Lawn Care

When I downsized my life a couple of years ago one of the pluses about moving into a condo was no more lawn care.  When I lived in the big house my lawn maintenance bill was about $1200 for the season.  This cost was just for mowing the property not for plants and the like.  When I moved into the condo the lack of grass in front of my unit was an eye sore I hoped to remedy.

I talked to TPTB about fixing the plot of grass and they told me I would be put on the list.  Which was fine at the time.  Waiting isn’t my strong suit so I got an approval from the President of the Association to handle the issue myself.  Last May I tore up the dirt and laid a couple of strips of sod.  It wasn’t an expensive undertaking just laborious.  But it looked nice.  I added some grass seed to more of the area to strengthen the look of non-sod grass.

Fast forward to this morning the grass is coming in a little patchy this year.  It’s way better looking than last year.  Granted I have the dogs and they do their business on the grass but in some parts the soil is just so compacted.  It’s frustrating but it’s been nice getting my hands dirty.  Who would have thought I would have missed yard work, lol.

What is it about spring that brings out the home improvement but.  I’m really itching to paint my bedroom.  I have not color in mind but I know I want to do it.  Right now the starkness of the white walls isn’t doing anything for me, and I watch way too much HGTV for my own good.  I’m thinking beige?  Just something to warm it up a bit.  The living room has Red (it was on the walls when I moved in) so I know I’m not looking to go crazy with the color in the bedroom.  Knowing myself, I’ll probably marinate on this color choice thing for a while, lol.


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