One More Night

I kept thinking of Phil Collins Song “One More Night” after Marissa and Tony got the go ahead to return next week on DWTS.  I was so happy I cheered for them.  Marissa is fun, appreciative and just all around happy to be moving on.  I think so many times she was counted out of the competition but the fans brought her back.  You know why? She’s what the show is supposed to be about.

Watching Mel and Max dancing was a treat too.  I really believe that they should have won last season not Helio but that’s just me.  I felt the same way about Julianne and Helio as I do about Jason and Edyta.  They are good but not better than the others.  Mel and Max were it.  Max always brought out something in the women he danced with when he was paired with strong, dynamic women like Layla Ali or Mel B.

Next week I’d like to see Christian go.  He’s injured and really he can’t compete, regardless what the judges say.    So who got bounced?  Mario and Karenia went home.  Mario was cute and had his way with Ballroom dances but not so much with Latin dances. It was his time to go and his run was a good one.  See ya on Billboards Top 100 Kiddo!!!

On the home front 2 called me yesterday with news that he cast his primary vote.  I’m torn about this whole presidential thing.  I’m stuck because I haven’t much faith in any of the three candidates and even less faith in our congress.  I wish Ms. Pelosi would stop globe trotting and stay in Washington and get some work done.  Why do all of these candidates recite the words of JFK?  How about you get some of your own?  If a candidate can’t even have an original speech idea without quoting someone else how are they going to lead us through this muck we are mired in?  Maybe once it’s paired down to the two candidates, Republican and Democrat, I will get a better idea of who to vote for in November.

My little psycho dog Mickie has been very good lately.  I’m not sure what’s going on their but she’s totally freaking me out.  I’m all about the other shoe dropping, lol.  I guess I should just be thankful for the fact she is being good.  Maybe Willow kicked her butt one day when I wasn’t home?  I’m just going to run with it.


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