Cinco de Mayo

Color me ignorant but I have no idea the significance of “Cinco de Mayo”. I’ll Wiki it later as to clear up that ignorance. But to those of you who celebrate the Cinco…Cheers to ya!

Weekends always fly by too quickly. But I can’t complain because the weather was mostly awesome. It’s starting to warm up and that is a groovey thing! I finished the weekend last night with a nasty flare-up. Bygones, this morning I woke up feeling pretty good and ready for the day.

Mondays are pretty wonderful as far as I’m concerned. First, the obvious, DWTS! Second, I get to spend time with the kids and third it’s sunny out.

Over the weekend I watched the Ken Burns mini series “The Civil War”. Very powerful, very graphic and most important for me extremely well done. I just felt like something awesome to watch and scored big with my choice. But I realized my viewing habits have been weird lately. After finishing the TCW I watched HGTV followed by The Bourne Ultimatum. Weird or what??? When I can’t think of something to watch or just want background noise I’ve been choosing Jason Bourne a lot. Hmm…I’ll contemplate that one today. Usually I would go for the romantic comedy in those moments. A little “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Boys and Girls” but now it’s all about Jason Bourne. I just got Bionic Woman Season One (mostly because I missed it) so I’ll have to integrate that into this weeks viewing schedule. Plus LH leant me the first season of “Shark”. So much to watch so little time 🙂


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