The Job I Want

Friday I watched the news for the weather so that I could plan my weekend.  And you’ll be shocked to know the weather guys were completely off the mark.  They called for 60% chance of rain today.  So on Saturday I figured I would leave the cleaning and what not for today because I’d be stuck inside due to bad weather.

Wrong-O!  It was gorgeous outside and of course the house work got put on hold so I could enjoy the beautiful SUNNY day.  It’s been really cold lately so I was happy it was warmer out today.  I did take the dogs for a walk and sat out on the patio in my NEW chair.  The cleaning did get done but It’s just so nice out I wanted to play.

Take that Weather Guy.  I so want this job.  Meteorologist my butt!  Billions in satellite equipment and they still can’t give an accurate forecast.  I want a job where I can be wrong all the time and still employed.  A job where if you are wrong no one seems to really care.  Yep that’s the job I want!


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