Another One Bites the Dust

Last night on DWTS Shannon and Derek got the hook.  She cried, he smiled and she said what an incredible experience it was for her.  In the beginning they were my favorite couple but Shannon had really gone as far as she could.  Len was right…she just didn’t have the hip action for the Latin dances.  Vaya con Díos my dancing buddies!

Marissa is a bunch of fun to watch and I hope she stays in it for a couple of more rounds.  I think Mario is the next one to go.  I can’t believe he got such high scores when he clearly made enough mistakes that he didn’t finish his routine on time.  So how does that warrant a 9?  Again the Judges comments and scoring are completely all over the place!  Jason is a good enough dancer but not so good that he deserved the scores he received and thus first place.  How is it that Carrie Ann tells Jason and Edetya that they were going to loose a point because of a lift only to be rewarded with a 10?  Carrie Ann my old school math tells me that if the couple loses a point for a lift and the highest score is a 10 that you should have given them a 9.  Because 10 – 1 = 9…well at least where I live.

Kristi should win the whole thing but who knows this year.  I feel like the show is fixed and no matter what TPTB are actually going to crown who they want to win the show.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but I just do not see the judging like last year.  From week to week the judges change their comments for no rhyme or reason.  It just feels so very contrived compared to other seasons.  The show is making me a cranky pants.

On happier news 4 stopped by last night and we had a stellar visit.


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