The Last Day In Harmony

My mini break was a fabulous success but ends today.  I have achieved almost all of my goals.  I say almost all of my goals because I was going to work on my OLTL website but substituted the ATWT site instead.  It was inevitable with the departure of Martha Byrne on 4/22.

This also was my last weekend before I start my diet.  I hate to call it a diet as it is more of a life change.  I eat therefore I am and it’s made me grumpy.  Everything in my life has become about food.  I think all “chubby” folks have been faced with this before and it’s annoying.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not afraid to say the world Fat…because that’s what I am.  I’m fat…I confess here and now that I weight 264 lbs.  That’s not fat…that’s obese.  So now I’ve grown tired of my body being evil.  I’ve used everything in my life as an excuse as to why I eat.  I stress eat, I got out to dinner a lot with friends and my favorite…I’ve been fat all of my life and I’m used to it.

The last one is true…to a point.  My issue with being fat now is I’m uncomfortable.  I do not have diabetes but how long will it stay away.  I’m thinking not much longer.  I have blood pressure issues and trouble sleeping.  So here is where put my foot down and say no more to the bad eating and the not exercising just because.  I’ve posted my weight here and now so that I can no longer hide from it.

I have a scale now and a full length mirror so there is no place to hide.  I have a realistic first goal though so that I do not become overwhelmed and that is to weigh 200 lbs.  That’s 64 lbs.  I can do this goal.  It’s attainable.

So if I go on ad nausea about food and dieting you know why.

Not related to food.  It’s a rainy day so I’m going to work on my spring cleaning.  Accumulating things over the winter has me feeling trapped in a box.  Living in a smaller amount of space I have learned that downsizing 4x’s a year is a good thing.  So today I’m going through my drawers and purging the things I never wear.   Also some of my older winter wear is ready for the bucket so I can get rid of those too.  Wahoo!

Yesterday Willow went to the groomers and she came out looking white and fuzzy, lol.  They did a good job.  Mickie had rolled around in a pile of pollen and it started to make her sick so she got a bath yesterday too.  So the dogs are clean, I’m clean and the apartment is clean.  Wahoo!

The greatest thing about spring is Lilac.  It’s a strong perfume flower and as soon as I open my door I can smell it.  The tree is about 50 ft away from my door.  Well that and it’s warmer, lol!


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