I’ve never been so exhausted as I am right now. And I didn’t even do anything to be exhausted from. Waiting….waiting…waiting…but for what. Today was test day. And every test starts with Date of Birth. Some of the technicians are nice and some are…well…clinical. It always starts with Date of Birth. So I get there in plenty of time only to wait. Then sign in and then wait. Followed by more waiting and then the test that takes less time than the time I waited. Rinse and repeat. I’m old hat at this so I brought my book and hunkered down.

And now…I wait for the results. Sort of like the time I was in the hospital for something not related to the what the doctor told me just before being released. You have a mass (code for tumor) and I want you to see another doctor. Yeah I heard the two doctors who thought they were a comedy team talking in the hallway about and hour before you showed up. Hurry up and wait. The only solace I had was telling a doctor if she performed the test once more I’d throw up on her…and I did. What can I say Joy comes from strange avenues.

Since I had to fast for one of the tests I got a headache later. To celebrate the completion of my morning I threw in some laundry and took a nap with Mickie who thankfully did not snore.

Marlee got bounced last night for Dancing with the Stars. This wasn’t much of shock since the routines are getting harder and trying to keep a rhythm when you can’t hear the beat is difficult. Hey she gave it her all and I think that is stellar. Failure only comes when you don’t try at all. Interesting choice last night commenting on how Sabrina went home this same week (week 6) and then leaving Mark and Kristi in the last seconds of the show. Cruel and entertaining all at the same time. Interesting, yet obvious choice by the writers. Color me desensitized.

Gorgeous day and to celebrate I’m going to take my book and sit out on my patio and read. Ah days off…all I can say is WAHOO!


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