Like Where’s the Rest of It?

So I’m out on  the road yesterday and I see not one but two of those new Smart Fortwo Cars. It made me wonder what was the deal with them.  Besides being small are they more economical?  Are they better than say, the Mini Cooper?

Seriously these cars look like golf carts.  Good for city driving but not exactly practical for driving TO the city.  It’s not even a 4-cyl…they are 3-cyl.  That’s like the Vespa speed.  I could never imagine driving this car on the Schuylkill Expressway that’s for sure!  After the other drivers stopped laughing they’d run a person over driving one of these…well…bug looking thing with wheels.

So I looked at the comparison on gas mileage against a regular compact on in City Driving (That’s Me) it’s a 4 mpg difference.  Color me not impressed.  In Highway mileage it’s better than the Standard but I don’t see the big draw.  I’m sure all of the “Greenies” are all over this puppy but I live in a major city that sees snow, rain, sleet and, well you get it.  Seriously look at it…if ever in a car accident I’m sure that would be a trip to the morgue.  So let’s weigh this out.  Possible Death Trap for $13,000…More miles per gallon or a safe mode of transportation with less mpg?  Since that’s more than my funeral will cost I’m going with safe mode of transportation and living just a couple of more years!


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