Blue Moon and Friends

Last night I went out with L to a local Tappy.  For those who do not know what a Tappy is, it’s another name for Tap Room (Bar, Pub, etc.).  In the late 19th and early 20th Century the Tappy was an important fixture in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t just a place to get hammered like today.  Sometimes it’s the only place that had a phone.  Taprooms also had the side “Ladies” entrances…some still do have them or they’ve been converted to the entrance to a restaurant.  You could go to the Tappy and get a bucket of beer.  Growing up we still had Taprooms on every other corner and on the other corner their were grocery stores or a meat market.  Now those have been replaced with pizzerias and Chinese takeout places.  But Hi Spot Bowling Lanes still exists. Bygones.

So we went to the Tappy and I tried a new beer called Blue Moon which was really good.  Very light, full of flavor and most importantly didn’t give me a headache later.  Of course being the responsible adult I am (I hate being that person) I switched to soda well in time to drive home.  Drinking and Driving just isn’t cool.  Maybe I’m just anal but I like to control the stupid things I do…well if I can.

The Sillies (aka Phillies) lost to the Mets…no shocker there but at the Tappy they have a game they hand out tickets and every time the Phillies hit a homerun they call out a number and that person gets a prize.  Yeppers I won last night (Thanks for the home runs guys!).  So that was a bonus to the evening.

Over the course of the evening I turned to L and say…”I think I went to High School with the Bartender?”  I asked Dawn (the bartender) if we went to school together and she said what year.  I yell out 1983 and she said in low tones yes we did but could you say 1993 as to not give away my age.  Um sure…1993, lol.  Not being age obsessed I do not get this whole concept.  I’m 42…I look 42…and that’s good because I’m 42, lol.  Whatever…and to all my buds who know what that means…YOU ROCK!!!


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