Blinded by the Sun

OMG…could this morning be any more perfect? I say nay! Well if I had the day off to enjoy this warm and fuzzy day that would be perfect. I have a window in my office that looks out on to a park so I’m not complaining.

This whole thing of Spring is amazing to me. How just having warm days with sunshine and everything blooming, from the leaves on the trees to the tulips out of the ground, brings a sense of renewal. I know what your thinking…how very California Tyed Dyed of you but it’s true.

I was concerned about my sod from last year that over the winter had become barren and dodgey looking but for the most part I was surprised at it’s appearance. I think with just a modicum of grass seed and I will be in business. I worked hard on that sod last year with watering and maintenance that I was glad that it was mostly just the cold and winter that made it look that way. Wahoo!

So tonight I’m looking forward to some fun. Yep that’s fun with a capital F U N! But before anything remotely jocular can take place I’ve got to finish the laundry. Have I ever mentioned that being a grown-up is challenging sometimes, lol.


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