In A Blink of an Eye

That’s how fast the weekends go.  I’m sure it has to do with squeezing in all those things I need to do during the day but alas I’m at work so they do not get done Mon-Fri.  It was a visiting weekend for the most part.  I went to visit 4 and got to see 4C and 4-in-law who’s still on the mend but looking good!

Then I went to visit Rosalie and she’s still got her bumps and bruises but she’s also doing well.  We had a nice chat but then again we usually do.  I’ve been wanting to visit her sooner but things just kept getting in the way and I hate that.

I’ve been working on several projects too and not being the most creative person in the world I’ve hit a snag.  I think my muse is on vacation in Vegas or something because my inspiration seemed to have left me as of 30 seconds before I started to lay out my main project.  All week I had it mentally laid out but then when I put it down to task I got a hic-up or something.  Oh Divine Insperation come home…oh and I hope you hit it big on the slots! 😉

Springs keeps creeping in day by day so I’m of course loving that.  Me and the kids (Willow & Mickie) have been taking more walks and it’s been fantastic!  I sometimes take them for walks at different times.  Willow likes to walk slow and Mickie of course likes to walk fast or as others might call it…run.  So intern I look like monkey in the middle when I walk them together.  It’s not always the most relaxing.  And lets face it if I walk them separately it’s twice the exercise and I’m sure in need of that, lol!

There was still some time left in the weekend for play and play I did 🙂  But Monday has it’s benefits, DWTS and DG & S.  Those two are the grooviest kids ever!!!


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