The Smorgesboard

Wow today just flew by. Work was busy and as I always say busy means employment so yeah! But something kind of cool happened. I was in the back office and Scooter says “Wow look at that enormous bird”. So I look out the window and yep that bird was huge. I always have my camera ready so I took a picture of what I later discovered is a Turkey Vulture. I also learned they do not travel alone and their group is called a Venue. Like now I’m feeling all wicked smart!

This morning I watched the Biography of Starbucks on Cable In The Classroom on Biography. To be honest the reason I watch that in the morning is because it’s commercial free, lol. Anyway I found myself jonesing for a cup of coffee….I don’t drink coffee. So then I thought, maybe I should start drinking coffee only to remember I can’t stand the taste. My brain was all crazy with coffee cravings so I decided to have a Pepsi. Close but no CIgar.



  1. yea, i told my grandma we had turkey vultures around here. she didn’t beleave me intill a bird big enough to pick me and little S up at the same time was flying around in our backyard! (it looked just like that thing, like some thing out of starwars.) still she wasn’t sure. it just goes to show always trust a 5th grader thats in lit circles and seac! 🙂

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