And Then There Were Eight

The tension was high last night….Priscilla Presley was in the Bottom two. Granted she was with Adam Carolla but after last years bumps and shockers anything could happen. I was actually holding my breath. It was insane tension! But luckily Adam’s gone. I get he was supposed to be the Jerry Springer, Billy Ray Cyrus or George Hamilton but unlike those fun loving characters he was abusive, mean and sarcastic. To quote N’Sync..”Bye, Bye, Bye”!

I was getting tense the more Shannon and Derek were standing in the shooting gallery. But luckily she will dance another Monday. Now, who do I feel should be the next to go? I have to go with either Mario or Christien. The Judges love these two, especially Mario and I feel they weren’t that great but they make up for the lake of dancing with dimples and good looks. Mario got high scores and he made bad mistakes while dancing. Which brings me to Jason…Although I think he has the most talent of the men I sooooo didn’t think he deserved the 10’s he got. I think both Carrie and and Bruno have the hots for him! I’m sorry bur Jason did not deserve 10’s last week. Kristi on the other hand did.

How cute were the kids Dancing. I was hoping the Daniela and Aaron would win (1st couple) but they didn’t 😦 One day though they may be the world champions!

Allergy season is in full bloom. As a person who didn’t have allergies as a child I’m not liking this late in life sneezefest. I keep thinking it’s a cold and then the next day if the wind isn’t blowing and I’m inside with the doors closed and the air purifier going ah, life is good 🙂 I have this great big window I can see the leaves and flowers blooming but with no sneezing, lol. The girl in the glass bubble. Don’t get me wrong I do go outside but until everything blooms I’m not as thrilled, lol.


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