DWTS is the Best

DWTS (Dancing With The Stars)…I love this show.  And those judges…Ugh!  I felt they’re under scoring of Priscilla Presley and their over the top praise of Kristi could lead to backlash.  I think that Kristi has what it takes to win in the end but if she’s so perfect every week the public will look at it as though she’s not in need of their votes.  This happened to Sabrina Bryant last year and she went home early. My girl Shannon Elizabeth is still dancing strong…Yeah!  I’ve got DG watching it with me.  Sure it’s no Hannah Montana but what is, lol.  Anyways, she’s decided that the judges are evil too.

Tonight the loss of another dancer…but who will it be?

Yes I’m a geek.  I can’t help it…I am what I am and you know what that’s okay 🙂

I wish spring would hurry up and get here!



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