Rainy Days and Fridays

Wow what a bumpy week. It ends on a sad note though. One of my old neighbors passed away. The great thing about living in the same house for almost all of one’s life is that most of the neighborhood stayed the same for a lot of years. L called me to let me know her Mom had past. Her Mom was a very nice person and will be missed. Good families…good times…a lot of years gone by.

7 called me yesterday too. Things are looking up in her corner of the world and I think her week is getting better as well. We were talking about our Mother and stuff. All of this makes me miss my Mom more. You know, she could be a PITA and was head strong and difficult. But who isn’t, lol. I miss her a lot. When I got older I got to see her more as a person and less as a parental unit. I cherish this because I think as we get older and harbor issues from our childhood that we don’t see our parents for what they actually were/are…Ordinary People doing the best they could at the time.

My Mother’s greatest legacy (besides her children) was the lessons she taught in living her life the way she did. She was a survivor in more ways than one, she had pride about herself (instilled by her mother), she accepted other people and how they lived their lives (but expected more of her children) and she never gave up (even when faced by ugliest that life offers). No whining about what could have been, what should have been and what wasn’t. She expected things would go wrong (we are Irish, lol) and had no great expectations that life would be handed to her (because it wasn’t). I always wished that more of my sibs could have experienced her like I did…it would have explained why she said the things she said and did the things she did.

I miss her every day…but today….just a little bit more.


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