Sun’s Coming Up Got Cakes On The Griddle

It’s so much nicer now when I rise and shine in the morning that the sun is up.  Just when it was happening before those nasty freaks in Washington decided to change the Daylight Savings time and it became dark again.  Ugh!  How come they can pass laws like this but can’t seem to figure out the Education System in this country.  I still blame the VAST right wing conspiracy for my lack of sleep.

Yesterday was a blast of good news and bad news.  None of it was mine but I felt elated for the one person and sad and helpless for the the second.  So Congratulations and for the other person…I hope things work out for you and soon!

Spring is sort of here, in the sense that there are buds on the trees and the calendar says so but this morning I got into the car and it was 36 degrees.  This my friends is not springy enough for me.  I want to wake up to 50 degree weather.  Yes I’m demanding but there it is…I digress.

So nothing is happening in my life this week.  Rather sad I know but I’ve been busy with work and updates on the site it hasn’t left me with time to be interesting, lol.


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