Are You Kidding Me??

So my obsession with DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) is probably known by now. So wtf is with Adam Carolla staying to dance another day??? He is sucking the fun out of the show. He may be funny in certain formats but on this show he’s arrogant, not funny and most of all dances like a scarecrow on downers! Ahhh…I feel better.

Oh no…I’m not finished. Marlee Matlin is incredible. The woman has rhythm and yet can’t hear one note of music. Do you know how hard that is? I think Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno were too hard on both Marlee and Marissa. And I’m glad that they just announced that Marissa is safe for another week. But could someone PLEASE shut Adam’s mouth! He’s abusive and annoying and I do not find him the least bit amusing!

Yes I love to hate the Judges but I wondered what exactly qualifies Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno as judges. I discovered this trio don’t even qualify for E Celebrity Status. Click the links and decide for yourself.

So there’s only 4 couples left before the boot comes out. I love Shannon and Derek and hope they are safe. My two underdogs that I love, Marlee and Marissa are safe so that’s good. But too see who’s left is a wild ride, Shannon & Derek, Mario & Karina, The Gutt & Anna and Cheryl & Christian. The time as come….dum, dum, dum….The Gutt is Gone! It’s too bad because he’s a wonderful guy.

Now what? Television is so bad these days that I turn on House Hunters on HGTV. OMG I so need a life, lol. Scrappy Save me from this life of mundane.


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