200 Years and Counting

Well that’s how old I feel.  Methuselah is a young man compare to how I feel these days.  I’m making some positive changes in my life to help correct my ever aging body.  Hell I’m only 42 but for some reason I feel like that smashed up car in the salvage yard just waiting to be refurbished. I digress.

Which brings me to the fact I’m out of High School 25 years this year.  Okay,  like when did that happen, because I haven’t yet grown up.  Maturity it seems is something that can be delayed.  On Friday I’m going to an open reunion with my pals T&S for the High School I didn’t graduate from (long story).  I had so much fun at our 20th Reunion that I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Two of our old teachers (Tattro and Winters) came up with the idea and me thinks, it’s going to be a hoot.

It made me flash back to some really fun times in my miss spent youth.  Like going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends on Halloween night and running into to of our teachers dressed in drag for the show.  How many people can say they’ve seen that marvelous sight!  I remember my first real boyfriend back then Kenny…he even gave me a ring…that made my finger turn green but it was a symbolic gesture.  I discovered at my last reunion he’s been happily married to a man for the last 8 years.  Which of course makes me chuckle…all the good ones are gay 🙂  I remember going to school in a blinding blizzard (those days only the end of the world closed the public schools), the Septa Bus getting stuck in the snow 25 ft. from school and working my way to the door of the Gym only to see Soufflas standing there saying school’s canceled.  So I walked the 3 miles home in 11″ of snow cursing the whole way.  Ah the good old days.  I’m kind of disappointed I couldn’t talk 5 into going with me since we both attended the same H.S., well for 2 years anyway, she graduated from there I became “a transfer student”, lol.  Who knows if she’s over her cold she might change her mind.

And for some reason today I can’t stop thinking about Scrappy.


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