Okay so you know my favorite show is “Dancing with the Stars”.  If you didn’t it will become apparent quickly.  I have my favorites this season and they are in no particular order (he he) Priscilla Presley, Marlee Matlin and Shannon Elizabeth.  Kristi is cute and perfect and a shoe-in so I’m not sharing the love.   So call me evil if you must.

I was thrilled Penn got the boot and I’m hoping Adam goes next week.  Those two lugs were just ruining my cult like experience. Jason Taylor is my bet for the men to go down to the wire and my bet for the women is Kristi with Shannon Elizabeth hot on her Jimmy Choo’s.

I show my age by my next comment…The Jonas Brothers…totally sucked.  Do teenage girls really like that sort of no talent singing? They wouldn’t last the first round on American Idol.  So because they are teenage boys with long hair and play the guitar and piano that makes them hot?  Kelly Clarkson…save us!



  1. commenting on jonas bros statement. in my opion jonas brothers do NOT have any talent in singing. you have to ammit the words to the songs are good. still horrible singing. they need alooooooot of work. so to make a long story short, i agree.

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