A Perfect World

My friends were telling me all about their vacation to Las Vegas. Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. Come on you knew I had to say that…right?

So in the course of telling me all about their trip T mentioned there is a hotel in Vegas that makes Krispy Creme donuts in the hotel. Umm…Hello! Is that not the most perfect thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life??? Like…YES! D&S took Bjorn with them to the Canyons of Arizona and they took some pictures I’m going to post later to Bjorn’s Adventures Site.

Tonight it’s “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC. I love this show. I don’t care how much of a loser it makes me…my world is about The Dance! Well at least for then next several weeks.

Hugs to 5 who’s feeling icky do to the ramped spread of the cold virus school plague. Yep that cold that the kids bring home and share that seems to last for ever and ever…sort of like this sentence.

GO ‘Nova Nation!!!


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