Hmm…A Friday That Didn’t Suck

Here’s a shocker. I know what you are thinking…”How could she hate Fridays?” Well it’s not the whole day I hate just 4:30-5:00 PM. You see at work in that time frame someone invariably calls with an emergency rush job. No one every has a rush on Monday…not once. But we fooled them all by leaving at 1:00 today. :)~

Easter’s on Sunday…I know I was shocked to hear that too. Any who’s I did my swing by the cemetery to lay the wreaths and I even got an Easter Bunny for the headstone. I’m not crazy it’s just that I swore to my mother I would visit often and by often I meant every week. She told me long before she died “Promise you’ll visit me when I’m dead…not like every day but visit…you know use your judgment about how often you should come by but visit…okay?” A promise is a promise. Just for good measure I also visit my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother’s graves too about once a month. It’s just good Karma 🙂

So anyway…On my drive over there I noticed some very odd things along the way, like…

  • The strip bar or as we call it in the neighborhood “the cultural center’s” parking lot was completely full…on Good Friday. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the religious experience that church was talking about.
  • A house with a giant flag pole flying the Davey Jones Flag
  • A Turquoise house with six foot cutouts of Pilgrims in their backyard.
  • Another bar’s parking lot was also completely filled.

So many bewildering sights on Good Friday. And since I got some sleep…FINALLY…it truly is a Good Friday!


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