My Buddies

I love my dogs…I’m a geek and I love my dogs.  There I said it.  Right now as I type away my little Mickie (The Boston) is sound asleep on the arm of the chair I’m sitting in.  My dog Willow (The Corgi) likes to watch the quilting show on HGTV in the morning as I get ready for work.  These are only two reasons I dig them.  And of course there are those times I question why I love them but those are small moments in time.

They have a sense of humor, if such could be said about dogs.  I mean look at what they let me do to them just so I could have a fun picture on my desktop.  That’s love baby!  They have distinctly different personalities and temperaments.  Willow is laid back and is often referred to as my “coma dog”.  Mickie on the other hand is a wild beast.  But she is wicked smart though.  Willow is my love bug and Mickie is my companion.  She’s loyal and hates to share me with anyone other than Willow and even then she’s not thrilled with that either.  Willow is a diplomat.  When Mickie has all of the toys piled by her because she doesn’t want to share anything Willow has figured out how to get what she wants from the pile by drawing Mickie’s attention to something she doesn’t want and then goes and takes what she does want.  Crafty old girl isn’t she.

Willow is also a social butterfly.  She gravitates people like a moth to a flame and especially loves children.  They dig her because she’s so low to the ground and always looks like she’s smiling that they just want to pet her.

On days like today they lighten all of the bad stuff and somehow make me forget that I feel like crap.

So here’s to the dogs…You Guys Rock!


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